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NIME 2022 Installation Submission Template

Published onSep 14, 2021
NIME 2022 Installation Submission Template



  • List author(s) and short bios of contributing artists


  • A clear description of the proposed installation that provides reviewers with a sense of its motivation and proposed realisation: pictures, schematic diagrams and/or proposed methods of experiencing the installation by an online visitor.

Technical information and system requirements


  • Provide evidence showing how the online installation will produce the sought experience.

  • Include documentation of previous deployments, or related work demonstrating the submitter’s ability to implement the proposed online installation


  • Link to audio-visual documentation, live demo of the installation itself or to the work as it already exists online

  • The documentation link should use an unrestricted streaming service, such as SoundCloud, Vimeo, or YouTube or any other medium suitable for online experience. Please note that while embeds from YouTube or Soundcloud are possible, we recommend uploading all media into your submission using the platform’s media button.

Built-in video and audio

Access requirement (optional)

  • Where appropriate, please provide any details of access requirements for participation in the conference and/or setting up an installation.

Compliance with Ethical Standards (if relevant)

  • Please consult the NIME Principles & Code of Practice on Ethical Research and discuss how authors have addressed possible ethical issues, including:

    • information regarding sources of funding

    • potential conflicts of interest (financial or non-financial)

    • informed consent if the research involved human participants

    • statement on welfare of animals if the research involved animals


  • The authors would like to thank…

  • This work was supported by…

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