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NIME 2022 Doctoral Consortium Submission Template

Published onSep 18, 2021
NIME 2022 Doctoral Consortium Submission Template

The total length of the proposal will be between 1500-2500 words


Author keywords

NIME, doctoral, consortium, PubPub, template

Research question/s/problem

  • Briefly indicate the research questions(s) and/or research problem(s)


  • Discuss the context and theories of your work


  • Indicate the methods employed

Expected outcomes

  • Indicate what you hope to contribute and get from the Doctoral Consortium


Media (optional)

  • The student can include 2-5 pictures, software, videos, audio recordings, blueprints documenting music interface concepts and physical prototypes, either uploaded along with the main document or hyperlinked from it.

Supervisor’s recommendation letter (to be attached)

  • The final PDF will need to include a short recommendation letter from the Supervisor, also clarifying the student's year of study, research objectives, method, and activity in the context of the Department/Research Lab where the PhD is done.

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