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Uncertainty Etude #2

Uncertainty Etude #2 is an abstract narrative that keeps the performer remain in unconfident state of performing with the AI-terity instrument.

Published onJun 15, 2021
Uncertainty Etude #2


The piece Uncertainty Etude #2, by Koray Tahiroğlu and Miranda Kastemaa, is a composition written for the AI-terity instrument, idiomatically reflecting the autonomous features of its audio synthesis module.

AI-terity instrument is one of the outcomes of our research on digital musical instruments, it is a non-rigid musical instrument and comprises an artificial intelligence (AI) method for generating audio samples for real-time sound synthesis [1]. In this version, we integrated new autonomous features through the use of GANSpaceSynth deep learning hybrid method [2]. Figure 1 shows the current physical appearance of the instrument.

Figure 1. AI-terity 2.0

The physical manipulation of the tactile surface causes control parameter changes in granular synthesis1 through which the performer can explore and navigate through the GAN latent space (figure 2). Moving in between different points in the latent space generates audio samples that are in a continuous state of transformation. At the same time, the instrument can also autonomously move in the latent space to generate audio samples, which formulates its self autonomous behaviour in this composition. The main aspect of the autonomous behaviour is to change and transform the music in a flow of uncertainty when the performer stays in a particular point in the latent space for a longer time. The state of the uncertainty becomes the key point of the composition once the performer responses to a new point in the latent space, breaks the flow of the composition and puts music into another transition.

AI-terity instrument

Figure 2. AI-terity instrument


The composition Uncertainty Etude #2 is based on a narrative that keeps the performer remain in unconfident state of performing. The composition provides musical phrases followed by ever-shifting new sounds. Uncertainty Etude #2 is a composition written for the AI-terity instrument that comprises GANSpaceSynth deep learning hybrid method for generating relevant audio samples for real-time audio synthesis. The autonomous behaviour of the AI-terity instrument keeps the performer in an uncertainty state in the performance. Appearance of new sounds and being able to move through timber-changes in latent space allow performer to explore a whole new range of musical possibilities with the AI-terity instrument. Composition turns into a continuous state of playing and opening up new variety of musical demands.


AI-terity instrument has embedded audio interface, I will connect to the main mixer with 2 balanced 1/4" Jack -TRS plugged cables. There should be enough room on the stage for Al-terity instrument. A decent P.A. system, 2 stage monitors, a table 80cm x 80cm and an extension cord with 6 sockets are also required.

  • A table on stage for the AI-terity instrument

  • A decent P.A. system and stage monitors

  • An extension cord with 6 sockets


The performance of the composition Uncertainty Etude #2

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This work was supported by the Academy of Finland (project 316549) and Aalto University A!OLE funding.

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