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NIME 2021 Showcase Submission Template

example NIME showcase on PubPub

Published onDec 16, 2020
NIME 2021 Showcase Submission Template
Submission Guideline:

NIME uses two steps for a submission: Create your submission on PubPub, our multimedia platform for publication and then submit it through CMT, our conference management system. To submit a showcase to NIME 2021, follow these steps (an illustrated guide to this process is forthcoming):

  1. Create an account on PubPub if you do not have one already.

  2. Create a Pub — Click the "Create Showcase Submission" button on the PubPub Submissions page. This will be your submitted showcase and will eventually be published if accepted by the review process. Save the URL for future reference.

  3. Follow this template to create your submission. The easiest way to follow the template is to copy-paste it into your own Pub, where it will be available for quick reference. Of course, you will ultimately delete or replace everything from the template with your own content.

  4. Download your Pub as a PDF. Find the "Download" button to the right of the title near the top of your Pub.

  5. Upload the PDF to the CMT, NIME2021's conference management system.


Project Title

Project Author and Affiliation 1, Project Author and Affiliation 2, Project Author and Affiliation 3

1. PubPub Link

Insert the View URL for this pub here. Click the SHARING button at the top of the page and click “Copy View URL” in the window that pops up. Paste that URL in this section.

2.Conference Abstraction

- will be used in conference promotional material both digital and physical ( for the conference website )

- will be used as abstract in the conference proceedings

- should preferably be 200 words max.

3.Requirements (optional, especially for the performance on-site)

* This section does not need to be filled out for each item; if your work involves relevant items, please fill out the appropriate section. If you will be presenting performance on-site, each section needs to be filled out in detail.

- equipment: List any technical requirements, such as audio mixers, speaker configurations, microphones, projectors, monitors, etc. For networked or online work, please include the technical information and system requirements.

- space: Indicate whether the work would be more suitable for a traditional concert stage, gallery, club, public space, university environment or other venues.

- performer(s): List any instrumental performers. Please note that the organizers cannot provide funding to support any additional performers’ travel or accommodation. Within reasonable limits, we may be able to provide musicians to perform pieces but this would be negotiated on a piece-by-piece basis.

- feasibility: Provide evidence of the feasibility. Include documentation and list of previous performances of the submitted or related work that demonstrates the submitter’s capacity to implement the proposal.

4.Program Description

- a description of the program which includes a showcase description and technical introduction. (for the introduction of the more explanation of your program)

5. Media

- for both audio and video file, please use built-in media in pubpub .

Built-in video and audio


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