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NIME 2023 Workshop Submission Template

Published onNov 23, 2022
NIME 2023 Workshop Submission Template

Workshop Title

The workshop title, as it will appear in the conference program.


  • List the Workshop organizer(s). For each organizer, include:

    • Organizer name, affiliation, and contact information

    • Short bio (up to 200 words). This should include the organizer’s background relating to the proposed topic.


  • Up to 750 words

  • Describe the topic and nature of the workshop

  • This should tell us what the workshop is about (e.g. theme, topics, knowledge gained, techniques concepts, skills) and how it will be conducted.  It should describe the topic, activities, methods and relevance of the workshop.

Short Description

Preferred Length of Workshop

  • Specify one of: half-day, full-day, or number of hours


  • What is the plan and feasibility of the workshop in virtual format

  • We suggest that workshop organisers consider whether asynchronous or repeated sessions could include global participants

Additional Speakers (optional)

  • List any speakers or participants that are not the organizers.

  • Include the speaker name, affiliation, and contact information.

  • Place links to supporting audiovisual materials and online documentation for your workshop.

  • This can include a website for the workshop, etc.

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